Simply put, we produce creative, persuasive, targeted direct mail that helps our campaigns and clients win.

The key to our success is an unmatched commitment to:

- Creative ads to capture attention

- Creative targeting to increase effectiveness

- Creative, strategic thought to lay the groundwork for victory, with a plan that is uniquely tailored to each specific campaign

Why our approach works:

Our approach has been successful because, in a day and age when voters are inundated with more advertising than ever before, ours stands out and makes a more lasting impression. We do more than produce ads. We build and strengthen brands using creativity, repetition, cutting-edge targeting and message discipline.


And the result?

Over the past decade, no other Democratic mail firm has:
- Won more tough statewide campaigns
- Beaten more Republican incumbents
- A better record of winning competitive primaries
- A stronger commitment to organized labor
- A better record of winning tough ballot initiatives
- Elected more women to higher office
- Had more success at the legislative or municipal level
- Done more consistently creative, strategically sound work